[Insert Expletive Here]
Friday, February 27, 2009
This clip came my way courtesy of my friend Jennifer, who (entertainingly enough) got it from her father. When I saw it, I knew you all HAD to see it too. Warning: Contains NSFW/NSFkids audio that you absolutely must hear.

It's so true, isn't it? This is the primary reason behind my hesitation in getting a Blackberry, or Tivo. Sure it's cool, then a new one comes out that is twice as powerful and twice as obnoxious and suddenly what I had doesn't seem so cool anymore. And then I'm just like every other d-bag out there that can't stop blathering on about their [inset name of battery-operated/wireless gadget here] and how it's completely changed their life. But, as demonstrated in the clip above, these advances can also be categorically annoying.

I'm not interested in chasing my own technological tail - I think advances in technology can certainly make one's life easier, but at what cost? I was on the ride, but NOW I WANT OFF.