Random Thoughts for Monday
Monday, February 16, 2009
- I find myself missing a lot of old television shows these days - no idea why. I especially miss Gimme A Break because say what you will about the corny plot/set-up, Nell Carter was hilarious.

- As with past Mondays, I woke up with a song in my head and had trouble getting back to sleep. Today it was "Love Story" by Taylor Swift. I'm guessing the reason I had trouble getting back to sleep was because I was too busy suppressing the urge to stab myself in the eardrums. I'm just sayin'.

- I asked for a Costco membership for Valentine's-Day-Slash-Our-Sixth-Dating-Anniversary, and got it! So I spent a couple hours on Sunday randomly wandering the only Costco in town with no list, no makeup, and with my unwashed hair plastered back in a ponytail. I left the store with less than 10 items, having run into the parents of one of my closest childhood friends. Score 1 for financial self-discpline, and 0 for grooming.

- The dog is getting really territorial when Sean is around, and it makes me very nervous. I grew up with a dog that snapped at anyone and everyone, and I'd prefer my children don't suffer the same fate. Does anyone have Cesar Milan's phone number handy?

- I haven't had coffee in at least 3-4 weeks. I've had an assload of Diet Coke, but still - the whole coffee thing is weird. Hmm.