Friday Fun: Ye Olde Irish Puzzle
Friday, March 20, 2009
This past Monday, I woke up really, really, ridiculously late for work - as in 25 minutes before I am due to be present and seated at my desk, ready for the day. Thanks to a large cup of coffee, an outfit already chosen and laid out, and the quickest pooping dog this side of the Mississippi, I was able to jump in a cab and only show up 5 minutes late.

The cab turned out to be as disheveled as I was - it displayed all the classic signs that a taxi might display after a weekend of Eire-fueled debauchery - complete with a flashing shamrock ring (still flashing behind it's Corona logo) left discarded on the ridged rubber floormat. When I was done throwing my makeup on my face, I dropped my eyeliner and when I went to pick it up, found a map.

Then Nicholas Cage showed up and told me I had been selected as part of a super secret government squad that operated completely off-grid and spent their days and nights solving the most cryptic of all cartographical relics. The cab turned into a submarine, jumped into the (now) very green river, and I was whisked away, never to be seen again - what would my family think upon my mysterious disappearance?!

...umm...(crickets)...Or not. Let's just pretend Nicholas Cage was there, and move on, shall we?

The map was obviously the remnant of some poor bar-crawler, and had a muddy shoe print on the back. I saved it anyway, and scanned it when I realized I could never figure out all of the "stops" marked.

So here's a puzzle for you Chicagoans out there - I'm almost positive that #3 is Ginger Man tavern, and that I can see #6 in my head, but can't remember the name. Here is where you come in, readers! Fill in the blanks, please.

I'm off to tell Nicholas Cage that he needs to stop the hair plug action, STAT. Wish me luck.