Tuesday, March 31, 2009
Recently, I have been obsessed with watching the 2009 Iditarod coverage on VS.. (As it turns out, the enhanced cable package that includes the Speed Channel also includes a plethora of other testosterone-fueled programming - who knew?) I caught a clip as I was channel surfing a couple weeks ago, and stuck around for a couple minutes because they were doing an in-depth piece on the dogs as athletes.

Yes, all you non-pet people, I realize how deeply uncool that statement makes me sound.

With the full 2009 VS. coverage now viewed, here are a few adjectives I would use to describe the Iditarod competitors:
- ballsy
- insane
- cunning
- intelligent
- insane
- dedicated
- cold
- insane

Did I mention insane? This "last great race" is truly something to behold. I loved hearing the backstory about the mushers, and seeing the relationship between the mushers and their pack of working dogs. Past and current champions run the gamut of personality, from sly to funny, and everything in between. let's just say that I have a new respect for sled-dog racing. 1100 miles of sub-arctic exposure is something I cannot imagine voluntarily enduring.

And so a new "dream vacation" gets added to my bucket list - go to Alaska to witness the start of the Iditarod (in Anchorage), spend a week or so seeing the sights (parks, coastline, etc.), and then be there to witness the finish of the race (in Nome). I think that would be so exciting!