My Dogs are Barkin' (hardee har)
Monday, March 23, 2009
I'm running a half-marathon in August. I realize I have said this a couple times here on my little blog/blob/navel-gazing online journal. I keep repeating it as to prevent my own denial that it's actually happening, like FOR REAL, OMFG.

Officially, I signed up for the race as a challenge to myself. I need to know that I am capable of doing something completely out of my comfort zone, and running for an extended period of time pretty much fits the bill.

Unofficially, I thought someone deserving could benefit from my participation, so I signed up to be part of the PAWS Chicago Marathon/Half-Marathon Race Team. Every dollar we raise goes to help PAWS keep dogs and cats off the streets of Chicago (and other towns). They are Chicago's largest no-kill shelter, and the work they do is unparalleled.

I made a promise that I would help raise at least $600 by the time this event rolls around. If you are so inclined, please donate whatever you can to help these animals that cannot help themselves. Email me at parallelfirst_at_gmail_dot_com and I'll send you the link for my race HQ website - they'll provide you with a receipt for tax purposes. Thanks to those of you that have already contributed!

Yesterday, Sean helped me through a 3.5 mile run/walk, and I won't lie - it was a struggle. I seem to be lacking in the "push yourself" department, and running does not come easily to me. When I don't want to think about the shooting pain in my right calf, I just think about my dog, and what might have happened had he never been found running willy-nilly along a midwestern highway. I can never replace him, and I owe so much to the people who rescued him and made it possible for me to adopt him. Sure, he's a real turd every now and then, but he's mine and I am his. Doc is not a PAWS dog, but is still a symbol/product of the tireless work that all shelters perform. Please help me in assisting PAWS with their efforts.

I will reward your donations will stories of my development - complete with an in-depth report on products with "glide" in the name (ick), medical updates on anything and everything that can go wrong with my body, and great pictures of me with the reddest face you've ever seen on a living human being. Good times.