Thursday, March 26, 2009
Oh man. For those of you that don't live in Chicago, here's some background: our fair mayor recently outsourced all city parking meters to a company called LAZ parking. The new rates are not surprising, but LAZ's inability to hold up their end of the bargain has been almost entertaining. There are broken meters EVERYWHERE. My neighborhood, like all the others, has been hit by increased parking - but I have yet to see any overt vandalism. Now I'm tempted to keep a roll of pennies in my glovebox at all times.

After more than 20 years here I’m done, just done,” says Chicago Tom. “Our condo is for sale and when it does, we’re outta here. In one last act of defiance, my wife is going to drive our car and intentionally get a red light ticket with photo/video - we’ll have the plates disguised. When the video/photo is viewed, they’ll see my bare ass pressed against the back window accompanied a couple middle fingers. We’ll then drive out of town for the last time.

Hehe. For more information, click here.