Running Update: 3/15/09
Sunday, March 15, 2009
Umm, yeah. That half marathon thing I signed up for? The dogs had better appreciate the effort. Because this afternoon, I made the transition from treadmill to city sidewalk and it wasn't pretty. I'm fairly certain I lost a lung somewhere on the Roosevelt Avenue bridge. I'd go back for it, but I'm too tired.

Normally, this is when I would quit and have myself a nice glass of wine. But I can't because I went and told everyone I know about the damn half marathon, and now I have to be accountable (both to my friends, and the fundraising minimum for the PAWS group). Stupid accountability.

It's one thing to say "If Oprah can run a marathon, the least I can do is half that..." but it's another thing to actually put foot to pavement. I have a really long way to go in this training, and all I have to say is this: if it doesn't start getting easier soon, I'm going to lose my DAMN MIND.