Window Shopping
Tuesday, March 03, 2009
It's almost spring, but I've been afflicted by the springtime itchies early this year. Now that we're not (completely) covered in snow, I am beginning to feel like walking around and browsing stores again - the brick & mortar kind, that is. Here are a couple things I want to get this year...

The Spy Lens

Photo: Photojojo

I mean, c'mon - how cool would it be to be able to take photos of people in true candid fashion? It's not deceptive, it's photojournalism. Right? I could wander around Chicago all day experimenting with something like this.

This amazing bag for use as a work tote/sometime laptop bag

Photo: Ebags

I love this b/c it makes a great laptop bag (if need be), the drop length on the handles is just right, and is structured enough to be the perfect, slide-under-the-seat-in-front-of-you carry on. I hate that cordovan color, and would probably get this in husk.

This book

Photo: HarperCollins

My dog has always has trouble with his skin, but recently, it has been getting worse. He's on a specific food for another condition, but I suspect that certain types of human grade food would solve his issues completely. Well, not his mental issues, but that's part of his charm.

Origins Spring Fever for the dog days of summer

Photo: Origins

I have been hearing about this cult favorite for years, and think the notes sound perfect for a steamy, Chicago summer. And let's face it: anything that can lift my mood when it's 95 degrees out with 40% humidity is worth a couple bucks, in my opinion.