I'm Tan! (sort of)
Monday, April 06, 2009
Well, not really. But it sure got your attention, huh?

The reality of the situation is this: I'm leaving Florida midday tomorrow and returning to the distant, chilly wilds of a far-off place called CHI-CAAAAA-GOH. Otherwise known as home. Apparently while I was off sunning (inadvertantly - you should see the line on my...ahem...chest), it was snowing and raining up north.


That said, tomorrow will be a very busy and uninteresting day. Airport, luggage, flight, luggage, car, dog, drive, home, park. So until something more exciting comes along, I'll leave it at that.

Here's hoping that no one ultra-smelly or loud is near me on the flight. (fingers crossed) See you on the flip side!