Observations from the Airport
Monday, April 20, 2009
Yesterday, I had the surprise opportunity to spend multiple hours in the Raleigh-Durham airport. Exciting, no? OH YEAH. So you know what THAT means. People watching, of course.

This is my brain on a 4-hour delay:

- Hmm. Bruegger's bagels are not what they used to be. (sniff)

- Is that insanely old lady really going to eat her takeaway soup standing up? SOMEONE GET SOUP LADY A CHAIR FOR GOD'S SAKE BEFORE WE ALL GET COATED IN CHOWDER.

- I really wish these pretentious a-holes next to me would stop discussing the sociocultural ramifications of Khaled Hosseini's novels on women's rights in the Middle East.

- My ass hurts in this chair.

- Grown women who wear clothing from Hollister *really* bother me.

- Oh, wait, Mr. Gate Agent - did you just seat Old Soup Lady in the exit row of my flight? I, for one, would like you to ask her to deadlift 70 pounds right here and now. Unless she's Popeye and that was spinach soup, then I won't be so worried about her abilities in a worst case scenario.

- This is a really nice airport. Maybe one of the nicest I've ever been stuck in.

- Gee, the pretentious couple are a lot more endearing when they stop discussing fundamentalist Islam and call their sons to ask how their trip to the zoo with Grandpa went.

- Are we there yet?