Oh, right - I have a blog?
Sunday, May 31, 2009
Whoops. Sorry about the absence, folks - I'm sure all 15 of you were super worried about me. I think 11 days is the longest I've ever gone without updating this site. Additionally, allow me to add that I have absolutely NO EXCUSE for the break.

Life is a shifty bastard, and I've been attempting to untangle myself for several days now. Drama aside, here's what ELSE I've been up to:

1. Attending a lovely wedding in Minnesota - great food, even better cake, and a pre-airport round of golf left me with sleeves o'sunburn. Ah well. Such is life as someone who hates creamy sunscreens (we didn't bring any spray) Did you know that downtown Stillwater, MN, is gorgeous? NEITHER DID I. Really lovely.

2. Considering a list of people for whom I would lift my strict and unwavering "No Dating Redheaded Men" policy. So far? Just Prince Harry, who has turned into quite the looker in the past 3-4 years. Who knew?

3. Flying first class, thanks to Sean who is officially the SHIT and is a downright considerate fellow. Love him.

4. Dealing with some mystery pain in the left hip - I think it's muscular, but my last 4-miler would indicate otherwise. Ouch.

5. Cutting off chunks of my left, index fingernail in an effort to shave quickly. Darn you, brand new Schick Quattro razor! Butterfly bandages are ugly and do not go with my party dresses!

6. Waiting impatiently to pick the pooch up at the kennel. I miss that little bugger.

Other than that, my life is boring. What have YOU been up to?