Feet Up, Face Down - A Kinetic Symphony in One Act
Monday, June 08, 2009
This past weekend, Sean and I took a trip to lush, scenic Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, to camp and attend the Suzuki Showdown. (more on this trip later) One would think that a couple crashes were to be expected, given that it's a motorcycle race in the rain and all. Unfortunately the biggest crash of them involved me.

I was exiting the tent with a roll of paper towels in my hand. That's it. No fanfare, no flames - just the white hot burn of my embarassment. For a helpful visual, I refer you to SYTYCD on Youtube - FF to 0:47 and I think you will get the idea of how things went down (pun very much intended):

Umm, yeah. It was pretty graceful. And by that, I mean that I may have uttered some awful, automatic growl/whoop and also? My favorite pair of jeans now has a grass stain on the left knee. That would be the end of the story, except now I'm reliving the horror through various fall-related aches and pains. Here's a diagram:

The red arrows are sore spots - most of the pain is in my face, thanks to my heroic efforts to avoid hitting my chin and biting my bottom lip clean off. Also making a rare appearance are my underachieving triceps and whatever muscles are located in the front of my neck.

So if anyone needs me in the next week, I'll be the slow-moving woman with a large bottle of Ibuprofen in the back pocket of her green-kneed jeans.