I'm Not Really Sure How to Say This
Monday, June 01, 2009
Umm...I don't really have the words.

This afternoon, I pulled through the Wendy's drive-through for a quick and dirty lunch (homestyle chicken sandwich - PLAIN WITH KETCHUP and a large Diet Coke, thank you) and the person handing me my meal informed me that I looked like the hilarious girl on the Progressive Insurance Commercials.

You know, the super f***ing chipper one, with the blue headband and ALL THOSE STUPID ONE-LINERS? Whuh? You know the one - she's funny in a 15-second spot, but if she rolled over and greeted you in bed each morning, you'd pretty much flip your s**t?! Yeah, THAT ONE.

(in real life, she goes by Stephanie Courtney)

I'm not even a brunette. I'm just sayin'.

I didn't respond, I just took my drink and got the hell outta there. Even now, I have no idea what to make of it. I think I'll pretend it just didn't happen - like Kate Gosselin's hairdo.