Or in My Case, Fit to Flop
Monday, June 22, 2009
My friend Sara has always been a bit of a dreamer (and I mean that as a compliment). When we were dancing together in college (and each summer), I think she always knew there was something more out there - and that she wanted a piece of it. Thanks to years of dedication, a positive attitude, and one of the most focused and insane work ethics I've ever witnessed, she's making a life for herself in one of the toughest industries there is: entertainment and fitness.

Recently, she joined a small team of "Jukari Fit & Fly" instructors. The class looks awesome! Same gimmick as the hammock/hanging yoga, but far more physically demanding, as it would seem. Here, you can see her most recent press on Newsweek.com (she's the teeny redhead in the blue tank):

Congrats on the great PR, Sara! Now when are you going to come to Chicago, so I can take one of these classes and embarass myself?