Running Update: 6/24/09
Wednesday, June 24, 2009
June has been a stressful, extremely busy month for me and unfortunately, I went nearly three weeks without training. For an experienced runner, this might not be a totally horrible thing, but for a novice? EPIC FAIL.

As of this past weekend, I am officially back on the road/treadmill, and I am definitely paying for my little hiatus. Last night, I was feeling particularly motivated so I just set my Nike+ ipod thingy to a 10K distance, and ran the treadmill down. I chose the treadmill because it hit 95 today (heat index of 103 in the city) and to running in that, I give a most emphatic AWW HELL NOES.

I didn't run particularly fast (not that I ever do) but it felt good, for the most part. So that is awesome, and a positive development! Yay me!

Not so yay, however, for my hips. Thanks to google and my last physical, I'm thinking that my IT bands (run from hip to shin, around knee) are just weak and adding strain to my already-weakened-by-years-of-dance-hips. I have a lot of pain in the front of my hips (the top of the joint) and need to make a point of getting that checked out soon.

Until then, I'm going to just be happy and relieved that I was able to keep a mile pace under 12 minutes (which is my race goal) after a 3-week stretch of doing, essentially, zilch. LOOK WHO'S THINKING POSITIVELY. Will wonders never cease?