Life in a Northern Town
Wednesday, July 01, 2009
For the past two months, I've been struggling with an industrial-grade case of restlessness. Usually when this type of thing hits, it's a diluted version that manifests itself in a new haircut, or a rare manicure. When spring rolled around this year, I knew something had to give - change - whatever.

As I mentioned briefly yesterday, I recently relocated to the northwestern suburbs of Chicago. I'm no longer living downtown (although I do still own my condo, thanks to the shitty real estate market) and I'm not entirely sure where I'm going to land. For now, I am happy and grateful to be living in my parent's house. Some of you may scoff at the idea, but it is what needed to happen for many reasons, and now I'm able to fall back on my own support system in order to bring about the changes I so desperately crave in my life.

I am in a weird state of limbo right now, and hoping that whatever happens in the next couple of years, I come out of it for the better. Because really - at what point do we stop letting others decide for us what is best? I made a decision yesterday based solely on my gut instinct - which in nearly 30 years of life, is a first for me. Really.

Sorry to be cryptic, but I feel it necessary to protect those certain, delicate brick-and-mortar parts of life that the internet so often delights in dragging through the proverbial mud. Perhaps it's better put this way: Compared to others in these difficult times, I realize that my struggles are nothing. But I am only one person, and I feel them acutely.

From here on out, I vow to trust myself. I vow to try and see the bright side of any bad situation. I vow to value my own insight for me above that of others. I vow to be happy, to thank somebody every day for something they have done, and to remember how wonderful my life really is.