Put Your Hands Up for Detroit
Monday, July 06, 2009
Notes from a busy weekend:

- I love Fedde le Grand. Also: Camille Jones.

- A clean tent with no visible, stinky mold is worth 7 mosquito bites on my ass (note to Northern IL mosquitoes: WTH?!) and a bucket of sweat.

- My niece and nephew finally made friends with my dog yesterday. My niece (who, in the past, has repeatedly informed me that my dog was going to "eat her" and then cowered in fear, shaking) has now touched both his hindquarters and ear, as well as a tail. With a smile! I CANNNOT TELL YOU WHAT A RELIEF THIS IS TO ME. Any pet owner will tell you how stressful it can be to think someone you love might be frightened of an animal you know and trust to be friendly - and worse, to not be able to remedy the situation.

- The new Moby album is phenomenal. I want to listen to it until I am old and gray. I anticipate at least one overly-wrought high school jazz routine set to "Wait for Me" this upcoming fall.

- I have decided that "Back to Indiana" is my favorite Jackson 5 song. "I'll be There" is a very close second.

- Fireworks? yawn...

- My family is crazy. Loving, but crazy.

- Workplace went from business casual to officially casual last week. (pause for dramatic emphasis, in which I silently jump up and down like a lottery winner, pumping my fists in the air)

- 10.75 miles is not a fun distance to run.