Shoot From the Hip
Wednesday, July 15, 2009
I'm feeling ultra lazy this evening, so here is your list of my recent life. In a nutshell. [insert: Obvious Austen Powers Quote]

Ok, then. Moving along...

1. Lunch today with friends. Strong, funny women who aren't afraid to just come out with it. Love that.

2. Walked the dog just now, and he was being a stubborn pooper. So, of course, I was pacing around while simultaneously getting divebombed by a host of flying parasites. WHAT IS WITH YOU SUBURBAN PEOPLE AND YOUR BUGS?! I love the trees and flowers out here, but DAMN. You need to STOP IT with the bugs, ya'll. There are a couple still on me - definitely one mosquito in my tank top that I can't seem to squash. Ladylike, right?

3. I would like, someday, to understand why everyone in Virginia Woolf's novels are so obsessively introspective. I'd put stones in my pockets and wade into the river too, if I had to spend my entire existence second guessing myself. Sheesh.

4. As of next week, I will be back in the dance studio - this time, taking class. What do people wear to jazz class nowadays, anyhow? Tights and a tank? Does everyone go barefoot like in the city, or no? Please advise.

5. Dominick's house brand pre-made lasagna: Looks horrendous, tastes divine.

6. I think I just felt another bug on me. DAMN IT.

7. My father was watching the end of tonight's SYTYCD episode with me, and got tired of Nigel's incessant yammering so he called Nigel a windbag. I had forgotten that word even existed.

8. Laundry! Three loads! Am no longer naked! Whee!

9. I don't know who Cam Gigandet is, but I saw his infant daughter in a picture online and she is a straight-up Gerber baby. Easily the cutest baby of 2009. Way to go, Cam! (but seriously - who is Cam Gigandet? IMDB says he's in Twilight - I haven't seen it. Worth the research time, or should I simply remain curious?)

10. Today was a tough day. I'm going to forget that, and hope for the best tomorrow.