There's Always One, Isn't There?
Tuesday, July 14, 2009
This morning, during my daily "you can't have another dog but wouldn't you like to look at what is out there, in case there is one miracle dog just waiting for you to adopt it?" internet surfing, I came across Buttons (seen below). He is a lean copy of my own dog, and adorable, no? The scars on his face are courtesy of someone who thought his mouth should be tied shut. Like, with a rope. For long enough to scar him permanently. Yes, really.

This pet adoption thing is heartbreaking on so many levels: you feel like a hero sometimes, and other times, you think about what happened to your dog or cat before they found you and you have to be very careful about not letting your mind go to the bad place. The animal forces you to remember that things are okay NOW.

I've never been horrified enough about the global food industry and their questionable practices towards animals to become fully vegetarian. When I hear about things like the largest dog raid in US history, I don't drive to Missouri to offer shelter to a dog. (I do, however, wish fervently for the swift punishment of the heartless assholes at fault) The situation I have the most emotional trouble with the one-off dog - the one here or there, or nowhere in particular, who just wants someone to love.

THAT one dog is the one who always gets to me the most - the one that causes me to die a little, on the inside. Good luck, Buttons. I hope you find a happy forever home.

Photo Credit: Chicago Anti-Cruelty Society