Yes, ANOTHER Post About Dogs
Wednesday, July 22, 2009
I know the burden of the US prison system is a big deal right now, as well it should be. But to know that there are creative rehabilitation opportunities for inmates who might actually *gasp!* deserve them...well, that just warms my heart. View this online photo album. It's not ground-breaking news, but it's a welcome reminder of all the ways humans and animals can achieve a positive symbiosis.

And I got almost all of the way through the slideshow without crying. Almost. Then I saw this final photo:

May these inmates go on to live healthy, happy lives after their periods of incarceration - lives that are as fulfilling as the ones the dogs have upon graduation from their training. And to think: all the inmates had to do was work hard, and care for something other than themselves. THAT is a lesson we would all do well to remember every now and then.

photo credit: Radhika Chalasani for TIME Magazine