Finding Joy in the Unexpected
Friday, August 14, 2009
A co-worker of mine (a very thoughtful one) surprised me this morning with an early birthday gift. The act was precisely the kind of thing I strive to do, but at which I so often wind up failing. She's leaving tonight for a flight to Mexico, where she will prep for, and execute, her wedding. I can only imagine- with terror- how much pressure she's been under to get prepared for the big day.

The mere fact that she (a) remembered my birthday was coming up, (b) bought a card, and (c) found a quirky, fun gift that is so totally ME is a great reminder of how powerful or meaningful a small, thoughtful gesture/act can be. To wit: I could tell you the phone number of my childhood friend Becky, but I struggle to remember the birthdays of my closest friends in the entire world. I'm freaky forgetful about dates, what can I say? It's just who I am.

I need to do some more of the thoughtful stuff. Maybe this will be my goal, going into the next year of my wonderful, crazy, blessed, ridiculous life.