Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle
Thursday, August 20, 2009
Dear Juicy Couture,

Your stuff is 99% tacky - of this I am well aware. I was not prepared, however, for your totally offensive, not to mention asinine "Back to School" line of products. I get it - the stuff thing - I do. I was once a hypercolor-wearing, plastic-charm-bracelet-bedecked pre-teen as well. I know about the wanting-stuff-because-Tiger-Beat-told-me-so thing...but this?

A 12 year old doesn't need a $225 handbag in order to be ready for classes. And this?A $55 wireless mouse? Really? I'm pretty sure the school computer lab has their own.

I don't pretend to understand the tween trends nowadays, but I think a product line like this - particularly given the state of the economy - is irresponsible and offensive. For shame!! Those poor, long-suffering girls with no backpack for their tiny designer dog! Whatever will they do?!



photo credits: Nordstrom.Com