Things That Cross My Mind: Half-Marathon Edition
Monday, August 10, 2009
- Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, my feet hurt.

- Why do women think Brighton handbags are attractive? I don't get the appeal.

- OMFG, I am so far away from the finish line! Why does the skyline look SO SMALL?! I am completely deflated.

- Wow, my hands are really swollen. Ick.

- I wonder if anyone will notice that I didn't shave my legs this morning.

- I really should sing the praises of this bra to the internet.

- A cocktail had better be in my relatively near future, or heads will roll.

- Maybe I should buy a mega millions ticket today.

- If ONE MORE power walker passes me, I swear to God...

- Homeless dogs and cats, homeless dogs and cats, remember why you're doing this, you whiny s.o.b.

- Is that water station real, or just a mirage?

- These bands are annoying.


- I think I'll call Kate to complain.

- Maybe I'll look thinner at the end of this thing.