Homecoming Queen
Tuesday, September 15, 2009
Oh man. I am bushed, people. That was seriously a trip for the history books - which I will probably be blogging about for a long time because there is so much to say! Greece is a country that defies description. I seriously don't know if I have the words in my vocabulary to describe it - and since emotions are intangible, you'll probably have to settle for photos.

Long story short? You should go there. You should go there NOW.

I'll be sifting through my 12 gb of photos (!!!) and putting the ones that don't suck onto Flickr throughout the week. Until then, you can revel in this cellphone picture I took in my cube this morning, displaying my glorious tan. Obviously, I was pretending to be on the beach.

(Seriously, it's the tannest I think I've ever been. And I had 55-70 SPF on at mostly all times. That grecian sun is no laughing matter.)

(Also, I am wearing a tank top that you cannot see in the photo. Just in case you were thinking something crazy.)