Deep Thoughts
Friday, October 16, 2009
I had an epiphany this morning. Not the kind that blows your mind, of course, like suddenly conceiving of the cure for cancer, or a solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but something equally as interesting (at least to me).

This is it: I think my favorite Michael Jackson song is "Jam." I've decided this after (literally) a lifetime of listening to his work.

What do I love the most about that song? Not the frequent "haeyyaaee hee" noises from Michael himself, but rather, the back-up cameo vocals by Heavy D. His part in the song is like a little aural surprise to the detail-oriented listener.

In the song, he raps "it ain't so hard for me to jam," and each time he says it, I think to myself, "You know. I think that's a lie, Mr. D. You're a big guy. Watching you dance would make ME break a sweat." I adore Heavy D, I do - in fact, I've got nuttin' but love for him. But I cannot imagine him easily "jamming" per his claims. Swagger, maybe. Not jam.

You see what I'm sayin'? At best, I can picture a clunky, lopsided running man.

That's all. Just a thought to think over while you enjoy your weekend.