Further Evidence of How Easily Confused I Am
Tuesday, October 13, 2009
I've been sucked into the crime procedural Castle on ABC. There. I said it.

In my hasty defense, it's on immediately after DWTS and frankly, I haven't watched any Law & Order in more than a year. A YEAR. I was jonesing for some cop lingo, what of it?

So imagine my befuddled reaction when I noticed a woman on the train reading "Heat Wave" by Richard Castle and was completely confused. I had thought he was fictional (even though real crime writers are featured with in-show cameos)...and so goes the mental hamster wheel. (Dude. It was 6:35 am, and I was uncaffeinated. Slack, please?)

Turns out, it's a literary tie-in created by ABC to market the show. It's also, apparently, a campaign to make me doubt my own sanity.