I Can Think of 30 Reasons to Put Off Writing This
Monday, October 19, 2009
So...um, yeah. I turned thirty awhile back and since that happened, my life has been a whirlwind. This past summer has been so crazy that I completely forgot to tell you the best part about my birthday - two best things, actually.

Great Thing the First:

YES. THAT IS RIGHT, BEEYOTCHES. Sean bought seats so that I could see the chaos LIVE and IN PERSON. Our seats were amazing, the show was really good (I love me some "Thunderstruck"), and even though I was very much incorrectly dressed for the occasion, it was unforgettable. It was also like a greatest hits album, with a side of leather-clad craziness. Awesome.

Great Thing the Second:

I got to work with Beluga Whales! Can you believe it?!

The Shedd announced recently that it was going to offer interactive stuff like "Be the Trainer" and "Befriend a Beluga" experiences - where you can go and work with the dolphins or beluga whales. Having gone through a whale phase in junior high, I knew IMMEDIATELY that I *had* to do the Beluga thing. I promptly mentioned it to Sean - about 5 months early - and got to do it for my birthday! He was with me, of course, and we were part of a 6 person group. During the time we were in the water, we worked with a beluga who was a new mother, so her toddler was being trained in the same small pool we were in. The whales were huge and friendly, and I may or may not have had to stand on my tiptoes the entire time to avoid letting 55-degree water down my into my pants. (I wouldn't have cared) It was totally memorable.

Best birthday ever. Who knows what the next thirty might hold?