Movie Review/Bad Poetry: Disney's "A Christmas Carol"
Sunday, November 29, 2009
Went with my boyfriend to ol' Navy Pier
We visit the IMAX roughly 2 times a year.
It's the holidays now,
and to celebrate - how?
Retelling of a story that (to me) is so dear.

A cautionary tale of sorts -
A miserly accountant and his direct report
The 3-D was stunning
The plotline was cunning
But so downright frightening that I nearly pooped my shorts.

Ogres, and spirits, and spooks - oh my!
We won't talk about how I covered my eyes.
Don't take the kids who
Might also get scared, too.
At least the surround sound covered my outcries.

I may be a woman of nearly one and thirty
Please allow me to be a bit wordy
The movie was so graphic
It ran over my heart like heavy traffic
After it was done, my brain was a little...hurty.

I get the parable, I "get" the pace
But the shock and sadness ran amuck in the place
Zemeckis was clearly on drugs
This film is a bite, not a hug
You know what I hope never to see again? THIS FACE: