Put Your White Athletic Socks On and Slide Across the Floor With Me
Thursday, December 31, 2009
This blog has been sahara-quality-DRY lately, and I'm sorry for that. Can we kiss and make up please? In order to grease your wheels, I'm kicking it old school for you as we give 2009 the heave-ho...a list of music! Just because I'm awesome like that.

Jamie's Top 10 List of Songs to Which You Should Dance in Your Underwear

10. "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" - Whitney Houston
9. "SOS" - Rihanna
8. "(I Always Feel Like) Somebody's Watching Me" - Michael Jackson
7. "Once in a Lifetime" - David Byrne
6. "This Time" - Bryan Adams
5. "The Rhythm is Gonna Get You" - Gloria Estefan & the Miami Sound Machine
4. "Playing with the Boys" - Kenny Loggins
3. "Oye Como Va" - Tito Puente
2. "Let's Get Loud" - Jennifer Lopez

In the NUMERO UNO position, the best panty dancing song of all time...
1. "Should've Known Better" - Richard Marx

Yes, it is true: If you do not love Richard Marx, then we can no longer be friends.

Happy New Years, everyone!