Eine Kleine Nachtmusic
Sunday, January 24, 2010
I mean, really - other than being able to quickly translate the titles of some 17th and 18th century classical music, what WAS the point of taking 5 years of German? Ich habe keine idee. But I digress (and so quickly into this post, too! pathetic).

There are so many things I could talk about right now - about how I recently had a man, unbeknownst to me, fondle my hair on the train, about how I'm considering unfriending about 90% of my Facebook list, or perhaps I could pontificate on why I seem to be the only person on the planet who doesn't really think much of Aveda's "Be Curly" line of hair products.

Instead, I think I'll say this, and I hope you all comment:

Why do you blog? What's the point? Documentation of a life well-lived? Pride or ego? Boredom? Lately this little online haven has felt more like a chore than anything, which doesn't exactly inspire me to write. And I think we can all tell what that has done to my stats. (Cliff Notes: My readership is in the terlet, ya'll. Britney OUT.)

For those of you that read this and also blog yourself, do me a solid and chime in. I'm curious.