Another Year, Another Weight Loss Bitch Session
Friday, February 05, 2010
So here we are again, Mr. Scale. I refuse to make you my nemesis, rather preferring that you just acquiesce and give me a number that I like. EVEN BETTER, give me whatever number you want and tell my body to change it's own shape so that I don't have to be responsible AT ALL. That would be excellent.

Here's the deal - my cousin is getting married on the beach in Mexico at the very end of July. We've crafted something of a family reunion out of the excursion, and while I love my cousins dearly, I don't love how (seemingly) naturally skinny they are (and they've all had at least 2 children!). This year, my sister and I decided that we weren't going to take their fantastic genetics lying down. This year, we banish the jiggle - and maybe along with it, some of our issues regarding food and our bodies.

My initial thoughts vered into the extreme (as I am wont to do, sadly) and I immediately thought "P90X! It's a no brainer!" and then I realized that my last good workout was the half marathon. 5 MONTHS AGO. So umm, yeah - that's option was out.

Instead, I'm opting for a gentler version of Tony Horton's fitness machine, Power 90. I started a couple days ago and while I'm a little sore, it hasn't been that bad. If anything, the worst part is the food - my old friend Snickers and I had to part ways. (sob) But on the upside, I already feel better about myself, about my body. This will be a great thing in the end, even if I don't lose a single pound.

It's nice to be moving again. I don't know why I held off for so long - stupid and lazy (and convenient!) I guess. Not sure how much blogging I'll be doing about the weight loss thing, but wanted to put this out there as a reminder: take care of yourselves! Be good to yourself! You are the only you that you have.