A Quiet Mind
Thursday, March 18, 2010
To know me is to recognize my endearing quirks, but to love me? Well, that requires a more developed skill set. I don't quiet down well - my mind is always racing. I thought our impromptu trip to Arizona might just be the golden ticket - the thing to bring me down off the carousel of my busy life.

I was right. (big deep breath)

I can see why people retire here. On the way into Scottsdale from the airport, I was looking out the window when I noticed that every car looked shiny and new. That is when I realized they weren't, in fact, all new - they were just clean. CLEAN. It's been so many months of winter in Chicago that I completely forgotten what a clean, shiny car looked like. We'll call it a seasonal coping mechanism.

Earlier today, I spent the morning doing triage on my work email and then took the operation outside, into the daylight. While I surfed the internet aimlessly, I enjoyed the sights and sounds so long past for us Chicagoans: birds chirping, gentle breezes rustling rough palm branches, the quiet, unmistakable slapping of flip-flops on pavers, in short? Heaven. I am so, so grateful for this opportunity to get away - mentally and physically.

Today is a really good day.