Zoot Suits
Friday, March 26, 2010
Imagine my surprise this morning when I pop into my site stats page and notice a 5934820439% increase in traffic. (whatever, IT IS TOO a real measurement. heh) As it turns out, the fabulous Miss Zoot had put up a a great post and linked to this here little online journal. Welcome, Zoot readers! There are no cute babies here, but I can serve up a healthy dose of sarcasm, a splash of unsolicited judgment against celebrities in the news, and travel photos. So glad to have you! Thanks again, Zoot.

In turn, I am recommending a couple sites from my reader with which some of you might not be as familiar -

All Up in the Kool Aid has become a fast friend of mine online - for cute kiddos, news from South Korea, and vegetarian information galore.

Fam2Teachers is my sister's blog - she is pretty busy and doesn't always update, but you can rely on her for hilarious stories of the bizarre words that come of my niece and nephew's mouths.

Dysfunction Junction is a must-read. Nuff said.

Happy Friday, everyone!