Friday Randomness
Friday, April 09, 2010
Just a couple of things to share with you on this gorgeous, sunny day...

1. I have never understood the phrase "butt naked." Is the reference to buttocks supposed to imply or indicate nudity? I don't get it - just because someone has a butt doesn't necessarily mean they are naked. I find this utterly confusing. Mostly this term just irritates me.

2. I am the type of person who never truly finishes a personal product - I don't put a little water into the bottom of my mascara, or my foundation, I don't usually turn the ketchup bottle upside down, I find myself tossing deodorants that still have 1/2 inch of product remaining. I've always done this, and while I realize it's ultimately wasteful, it has become an habit unconsciously done. In my life, I've probably tossed the equivalent of 3-5 full sticks of deodorant. At the end of the day, this fact really doesn't bother me. Should it bother me?