Good For Your Skin, Even Better For Your Soul
Saturday, April 17, 2010
One of my new favorite websites, Makeunder My Life does a handy little life tool/exercise called "weekly exfoliation." It is basically the act of taking 10-25 minutes out of your day (once a week, hence the title) and finding things you can shed from your life - these things can be donated, or something as basic as pruning your cosmetics case to finally get rid of that mascara from college. (not that I would know about that, or anything. *looks at the ground*)

This week, I exfoliated three pair of shoes (in good condition) to a church shoe drive for Haitian earthquake victims (although I'll be honest, I'm not entirely sure they need those leather heels - but the point is that I don't need them, so farewell, heels I only wore twice)...and an entire bag of clothing that came out of my "spring/summer" clothing boxes and hadn't been worn in at least 2 years. I can't tell you the great sigh of relief that left my body upon recognizing that I will never wear those clothes again. Once upon a time, they were favorites, but it was guilt that kept them in my closet. How incredibly needless - all that guilt, and to think, someone else who needs this stuff can have it now.

So much better than staring angrily into my closet, wishing I were thinner and could "wear them again." In my heart of hearts, I could lose 30 pounds overnight, and still never wear that stuff again. GOODBYE STUFF. Have a lovely life. Next up: the chair o'doom, where my un-ironed clothing goes to die:

What can YOU exfoliate this week?