Weekly Exfoliation - The Sequel
Monday, April 26, 2010
Will an exfoliation be a weekly thing for me? Let's hope so, but I also remain realistic that I'm not good at habits. Too flighty. (shrugs)

Last week, I was thinking blankly during my 15-minute morning routine about how I felt increasingly slow in the morning. If you know me at all, you know that I value sleep above pretty much everything else in life, including those items resting atop Maslow's hierarchy of needs - like FOOD. And that, dear friends, is saying something.

So in an effort to blow the dust off my morning routine, I exorcised my bathroom cabinet - and managed to shed about 15 pounds of old and/or unusued personal products. Now, I know some product hoes, and I will say that I don't keep a lot around as it is - my collection is tiny compared to some lovely people that I know. But size is not the issue - inactivity is my focus in this exfoliation.

I mean, c'mon. Am I really going to use those Whitestrips from 2008? No? What about the makeup remover wipes that I didn't really like, and that are mostly dry and useless now? Those seemed a good candidate to be tossed.

After I was done, I let open the windows and stared at my gorgeous, gleaming, somewhat bare cabinets with an incredible sense of peace - so peaceful that I'm almost embarassed to admit it. This exfoliation thing is awesome.