Breath In. Breath Out.
Wednesday, May 12, 2010
Since turning 30 (my pre-determined "I'll have it all together by then" age), I've been feeling a bit topsy-turvy. One moment, I want to move to New Zealand to open a winery and ponder all this amazing world's possibilities, the next minute I'm crying because I haven't gotten married and/or had a baby yet. So many thoughts, so little time in which to make them more dramatic than they really need to be.

Earlier this week, a lovely, clever woman in my extended circle of friends lost her year-long battle with brain cancer. The wake was today, and let me tell you - seeing the sad, somehow radiant face of her lookalike daughter (my friend) was a huge HUGE wake up call. There was so much more to be said, and yet I could not speak. It seemed selfish to carry on a conversation when a part of someone's life is unraveling. All I could do was observe people talking about her amazing life (and it was a remarkable life indeed) and hope that wherever she was, she could hear it.

Next time I think my life is off-track, I vow to remember what kind of changes might lay in my path and be grateful for the wonderful things that are in my life right now, right this very minute. To look around me. To take it all in - to hold things in my hands and appreciate them while they are in my possession. To remember that not everything in my life can (or should) be planned and controlled.

Do me a favor today, and tell someone you love how special they are to you - and why.