Weekend Update: Snippets
Monday, May 03, 2010
This past weekend was very good indeed. Hip hip! Here is a decidedly non-British list of things accomplished:

- Saw Alice Peacock and Peter Bradley Adams at Space in Evanston and the show was so, so good. Great time with my girls.

- Ridiculous amount of errands run (mental tag: Wal*Mart, Meijer, Homegoods, Kohl's, Michael's, Target, CVS, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Dominick's, Caputo & Sons, and Menard's) and now my car is very tired from parking spot/lot hopping.

- Amazing steak eaten (thanks, Sean!)

- First batch of ripe strawberries: rotted, sadly. Does anyone know how to keep them from drooping down into their own soil, or do I need to quit my job in order to remain perched on the back deck, waiting for them to ripen exactly so they can then be picked before they succumb to death-by-Miracle-Gro?

- Finished "I Capture the Castle" and surprisingly, loved it. Will plan to re-read before the year is out.

- First dish made with my garden ingredients - rosemary roasted potatoes. Dude - the rosemary and the chives! They are growing right out of their containers.

- Accidentally managed to shut the dog out of the house, and didn't notice his absence until at least 25 minutes later when I heard his oddly muffled barking from somewhere (I thought) inside the house. But he was obediently waiting outside the door at which I had left him, WITHOUT HIS COLLAR, barking to be let in to be with his people. Am still recovering from the internal panic attack/heart attack of what might have come to pass. We won't go into the logistics of why I thought he was already inside when I closed the door, as they seem insufficient in explaining away the guilt I feel.

- Went two entire days with no make-up. Blissful.