In Which I Out Myself as a Giant Bitch
Thursday, June 10, 2010

Recent Chicago sports news is going crazy today with the Blackhawks Stanley Cup celebrations - and they should! This is very, very exciting stuff and while I cannot claim to be a huge hockey fan, I know history making, "I was there when..." moments when I see them. The game last night was amazing to watch. It was fast-paced, interesting, and let's face it: regardless of the outcome, close games are always more thrilling. But my excitement pretty much ends there, as tomorrow's celebratory parade will sloppily and loudly conclude on the front door of my office. No, really, it will *literally* be on our property.

I have an open hatred for events downtown (and on a Friday! argh) that make it virtually impossible to get anywhere, for anything. (NOTE TO SELF: pack a damn lunch, because you won't be able to leave the building). And every location will be crawling with tourists and superfans. This has happened before (see: Oprah & the Black Eyed Peas) and it was as if I was working in the middle of a rock concert. I just can't get behind it. I cannot. I would sooner stick red hot pokers in my eyeballs. There's something about the wall-to-wall people and chaos that keeps me from enjoying something that should be (and for many, will be) good, clean fun. Sad, but true.

Maybe I could work from home? Probably not.

Signing off,
Whinypants McKilljoy

p.s. Seriously though, congratulations Blackhawks! Your success and top-notch sportsmanship brings honor and excitement to our city, and we love you.

Photo Credit: Nuccio DiNuzzo/Chicago Tribune