What I Have Been Doing OTHER Than Updating This Blog
Monday, June 07, 2010
1. Feeling like death warmed over. A scratchy, swollen throat from last week (not strep! i hate you, universe! JUST GIVE ME SOME MEDS, DAMNIT) turned into a full day of dry, painful, lung-shaking hacking (Saturday = Wasted) which promptly turned into a sore, exhausted Sunday. Which, OF COURSE, means that today has been full of random, phlegmy coughing fits that produce the foulest of bodily contents...with a side order of mystery sneezes. You know, the kind of sneeze that rocks your entire torso and releases only God knows what?! Yeah. Somebody please pass the tissues.

2. Throwing my mother a surprise 65th birthday party. Everything went off without a hitch, and she was thrilled! Happy Birthday, Sally Field! (I don't have any photos of the surprise b/c I was the ruse, so if pictures do exist, I'm probably standing behind her making some inane or otherwise unforgettable-for-the-wrong-reason face)

3. Spending time with my niece and nephews at the Adidas Soldier Field 10-Mile. My BIL ran it, so I went downtown early to help my sister wrangle her offspring across town and back. The weather that day was incredible - just pushing 80 and sunny. We had a great time eating hot dogs for breakfast, and inadvertantly, repeatedly getting in the Governor's way. My nephew celebrated his daddy's great finish by hitting the bar:

He can stand up! BABYPROOFING TIME. Also, apparently time to hide...the Bailey's? Yuck.

4. Putting off a badly-needed haircut.

5. Experimenting with the Topsy Turvy strawberry planter. For those of you that are connected to me on Facebook, you know I've been something of a homesteader these past couple of months (I use that term very lightly, obviously).

I was having trouble with my strawberry plants, so Sean (ever the thoughtful, engineering-curious BF) came home from work one week with a Topsy Turvy in his suitcase. Not only did we transfer my strawberry plants to it, but added German Thyme, Cilantro, Sweet Basil, Jalapeno Peppers, Sweet Peppers, and a roma tomato plant. Nothing has died yet, so I'm officially declaring it a victory.

6. Fast-tracking a new tenant into my condo downtown, simultaneously clearing the place of all my residual furniture (the last lease was furnished), most of which now sits in the garage, awaiting our annual garage sale. As always, I cannot recommend USA Moving enough. Love them.

7. Trying to watch what I'm eating. Right now, I mostly just watch it as it makes its way into my mouth, but I'm paying attention! The first step to any problem is identifying the problem! Somebody pass the oreos!