Food Blogger, I Most Certainly Am Not
Monday, July 12, 2010
I have been on an awesome run of salads over the past two weeks, what with a wedding soon (in which I need to look smoking but not SO HOT as to distract from the bride) and right after that, a trip to Mexico for my cousin's wedding-slash-family-reunion.

So right - bathing suit time. CRINGE. Anyhow, I like salads a lot so I have been making an effort to eat more of them. Here is my recipe for the best salad ever, and I'll spoil the fun right now - it doesn't contain cheese of any type and/or kind. Dairy does not belong on a salad.

Jamie's Favorite Salad:

1 large handful of mesclun/mixed dark greens
1/2 handful of radicchio
1 large handful of romaine lettuce
1/2 handful of baby spinach
cucumbers in small chunks
orange or yellow peppers
green onion
something crunchy - jicama, raw kohlrabi, etc.
protein - chicken, tuna, steak, whatever *must be shredded*
halved cherry tomatoes
chopped broccoli (lightly steamed, if poss.)

And that's it! Top it with anything containing balsamic vinegar, and I am a happy camper. You may think it somewhat plain, but it isn't meant to be some ridiculous, psuedo-fancy, nuts/cheese/fruit/lettuce combo. It's just a standard, fabulous, veggie-filled way to enjoy lunch.