Vacation Musings
Sunday, July 18, 2010
So after the small, insignificant matter of my best friend Kate's wedding this weekend (cough - KIDDING, OBVIOUSLY), there is the matter of my cousin's wedding at the end of the month. And while I am excited for this matrimonial back-to-back, it is made somewhat more complicated by the location of my cousin Becky's ceremony: Mexico. So what was a peaceful, sunshiney destination wedding has morphed into a family reunion of sorts - complete with nearly all the family on my dad's side (with very few exceptions). It's like a wedding on steroids, with a heavy dose of fabulous - a week of all-inclusive drinking and eating, with breaks taken only to reapply some 75+ multi-spectrum SPF.

So what is a girl to do? Obviously the only logical thing to do is worry about the really important stuff - like what to put on my iPod, how to assist Sean in deflecting what I can only imagine will be 2 straight weekends of questions like "so when are you two finally going to get engaged?" and "haven't you guys been dating since before I met my husband and had three kids?" and other REALLY IMPORTANT, earth-shattering problems like figuring out what event requires which dress and shoes. Never mind that I've got to work before we leave, and that the rest of my life needs to continue steaming along while these fantastic events unfold. Obviously the details are the place to start. (cough) First things first, am I right?

Naturally, my mind has suddenly clued in on the most unnecessary details regarding our trip to Mexico - primarily insignificant ones like (a) what music I absolutely HAVE TO download onto my iPod for the beach, and/or (b) whether or not I can get my beach hat to unwrinkle from its post-Greece, carelessly determined resting place inside a giant duffel. I've been surfing Maggie's Friday Mixtapes for awhile now to find great ideas, but I have to be honest - some of it is *just* a little hipster-y for my tastes. So while I will gleefully download just about ANYTHING from Fleet Foxes and the Avett Brothers, there is something clubbish missing. Like the greatest hits of John Secada - remixed by Mark Ronson. Or something. Whatever.

So what say ye? What music do I have to get before leaving for my vacation? Leave a comment with your suggestions, or else.