Weekly Exfoliation - Garage Sale (and Some Other Stuff) Edition
Sunday, July 11, 2010
Every year, my family attempts to hold a garage sale. It doesn't always happen - we usually end up on a biannual schedule - but THIS YEAR everything is different. And by everything, of course, I mean nothing. But we have the best of intentions, and I am preparing already.

You see, for the past 4 weeks or so, I've been carefully ignoring my domestic duties. I blamed it on being too busy, but truthfully I could have vacuumed and picked up - you know in my spare time. Like between 4:30-5:30 am, or perhaps somewhere in the midnight range? Righty-o. Here is the shameful proof that something needed to be done:

I'm not proud, but I'm captain of this mess, and over the holiday weekend, I decided to do something about it.

Keeping the garage sale as fuel for my domestic fire, I immediately tackled the armchair full of warm weather clothing - and got rid of anything that didn't survive after I asked myself the following 3 questions:

1. Does this even fit me?
2. Have I worn this in the past year?
3. Does this item make me feel good about myself?

If any of those answers was NO, then off it went into the garage sale pile. Which ended up looking like this:

I felt so much lighter after that adventure, that I cleaned out the rest of my closet as well! Will wonders never cease?

Small edit/update: given that I had "rules" about my new hair care strategy, I also had to purge several products from the ol' bathroom cabinet. What my mom didn't want got dumped down the sink, bottles to be recycled. (sniff) Farewell, Pantene hair masque! We'll always have Northern Illinois.

Also exfoliated: the last 3 years of useless personal documentation!

As nerdy as it may seem, I felt a thousand pounds lighter when all was said and done.