Rocket Town
Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Every year (well, as of two years ago) in the later parts of summer, Indianapolis becomes a biker heaven when MotoGP comes to town for the Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix. As Sean has been a speed bike fan for several years now, having owned and ridden one himself, naturally he was keen to get tickets as soon as the event was announced. I blogged about our first trip to the event - and how we survived the inland hurricane (but our tent didn't).

This year, we were blessed with spectacular weather - not too hot, not too sunny. No one got rained on, no one got burned. They changed the shower truck vendor on us this year (not cool, IMS, not cool at all) but other than that, it was a great time! I realized again how lucky I am that I, for the most part, find Sean's motor-related interests even remotely intriguing and/or fun. Plus, I love camping!

Commence slide show:

You want to know the coolest part of it all? Sean submitted our photos from the weekend's events (He probably took 60% of them - particularly the midrace and paddock shots) to Superbike Planet for inclusion in their fan photo galleries - and several were published! See one here of Valentino Rossi adjusting his...umm, well you know, three here - one of me, one by me (of the wall), and one by Sean (of the Ducati stands), and one here. So if you ever wondered who my favorite rider is, NOW YOU KNOW.