Things I Don't Understand
Wednesday, September 01, 2010
1. Why can't it be, when I say that I am LMAO, I am not *actually* LMAO. Hey, I'm not a mathematician, but even I can recognize that laughter = skinny is just about the best equation ever. Eat my pencil dust, Fermat!

2. Why McDonald's apple pies taste so incredibly good. How is my diet going, you ask?, I guess.

3. Season 11's DWTS lineup

4. The way the summer has disappeared so quickly. I have recently issued a scheduling moratorium for September and October. All plans that are already made are kept - any other requests for my time will be denied. Yes, you heard me. No more plans. I'm fresh out of patience, so you'll have to ring me back in November.

5. How I could suddenly have crow's feet this week, but not last week. NO REALLY, they are for real and they appeared Monday morning, and it doesn't appear (regardless of the amount of water I consume) that they are going away anytime soon. I hate you, 31.