As it Turns Out, You CAN Buy Happiness
Tuesday, October 12, 2010
Happiness can be found virtually anywhere, so why do we spend so many of our waking hours complaining, grousing, or otherwise unsatisfied with ourselves? Given that my last entry was a tad...erm...heavy, I committed to opening my eyes a little wider over the past week.

I have spent the last several days staying in our family's condo downtown - a small, casual nest located 31 floors above the city. It's been a welcome reminder of both why I love living downtown (and resultingly, miss my condo), and why I left the city (parking and crowds). Plus, high-rise living is inherently novel: sleeping in a glass box with the city outside is much like camping under the stars. I do so love it here.

Tonight, I had no special place to go after a post-work appointment so I hit State Street. Official story? I need a dress for the company holiday party. But I think we all know that I have at least 4 dresses that would work, and do I really need to spend that money unnecessarily? NO. So instead of diving head first into the petites section, I spent an hour aimlessly wandering through my favorite place in the city: the bookstore.

It was unexpected, unhurried, and unbelievably lovely. It was! It was LOVELY. Nowhere to go, no one to answer to, nothing to do but ponder the purchase of a running-related hardback and have an internal debate about whether or not to spend $24.95 on something Sean is likely to buy eventually on his e-Reader anyhow. So I spent about half what I would have on a party dress, and walked out with some holiday gifts and treats for me:

If I am Missing or Dead
In Defense Of Food
The Power of Giving
On Gratitude
A Gate at the Stairs
Then We Came to the End

And now? Now my only problem is deciding which one to read first - which in my book is an embarassment of riches. Best. Tuesday. Ever.