They Grow Up Fast, like Lightning McQueen
Tuesday, October 23, 2007
A week or so ago, my family (and friends of the family, in-laws, neighbors, etc.) gathered to celebrate my nephew's second birthday. In the time that has elapsed since he was born, he has become so many things! He is stubborn, he is clever, he is a fantastic eater, and he has somehow managed to escape inheriting his father's hilarious sneakiness, which his wiley sister received in spades. He is an old soul in a tiny body.

I used to tease my sister a lot when we were younger - I had a stronger, more brash personality, she was shy and somewhat reserved. I was fight, she was flight. While she was clearly a typical older sibling type, no one ever believed that I was the baby of the family. Who knows how these things happen, they just are they way they are.

So when she got married after college and settled down, I never imagined what my life might be like if she were to have children. I was too preoccupied with my college life - drinking, dancing, pretending to study, etc. Then, all of a sudden, POOF! they had a baby. (although I'm fairly sure she wouldn't exactly characterize it in such an easygoing manner) Then they had another, and even though they weren't my own children, my life was instantly full - and I hadn't even known anything was missing.

Now her baby is a little boy, and instead of feeling old, I just can't believe it's all happening so fast. I am so utterly and profoundly blessed to have these children in my life.

Happy Birthday, G. Who loves ya, baby?