If It Ain't Broke...
Monday, November 24, 2008
This is not a story that will appeal to any of my male readers. I'm just putting that out there now.

Gee, I guess it was a couple months ago now, I went to get my hair cut. It had been quite awhile since my last cut and the ends were not looking so hot. Also it was coming up on colder, drier weather and I was itching to get bangs again. So I went into my lovely and talented stylist, and asked for this haircut:

Cute, right? It's a good length to pull back, and cute when curly AND straight. The bangs are shaggy enough, and shouldn't look too severe.

Lo and behold, I was massively, painfully, obviously wrong. I came home looking like the love child of Bernadette Peters and Art Garfunkel, circa 1985. May I present you with a visual image? Here you go:

It was really bad. The saddest part was knowing that I had gotten exactly what I had asked for. The hairdresser maybe could have stepped in and said something, but it would have been subjective at best, and I probably wouldn't have listened. I was intent on doing something radical, as per usual. What I *should* have done was asked for a trim and left the rest of it the HELL ALONE. But NO, Smarty Pants McGee here (points angrily to self) had to go and mess with a good thing. Awesome.

Nearly 8 weeks later, my hair is finally growing out to a respectable, workable cut. In a few weeks, I can stop doing the pompadour-inspired-a-la-Gwen-Stefani bang pullback and get the bangs reshaped, turning what was blunt into something angled and less severe looking. Gone will be my Rockabilly wig of a scalp. Until then, here's what I'm sporting to pass the time...

Straight, at my friend Adrienne's wedding:

aaaaand curly, at my friend Jen's wedding:


and YES, that is the same dress and sweater combo. Had I saved my haircut money, I could have bought a new outfit! But I didn't!

And that's why I'll be in a smart, polished ponytail until approximately March 15th. End of story.