BlogHerd - 2009 Edition
Sunday, August 23, 2009
This past spring, it occurred to me that if I were to expect people to treat me like a serious blogger (which..hehe...yeah, right) then I should attempt to make an effort. Or something. So I went online and bought cocktail-only tickets to the BlogHer conference in Chicago. I mean, c'mon - I lived a mere 7 blocks from the conference site. There was literally no excuse, particularly considering I wasn't actually attending any sessions that required mental energy.

Upon entering the Friday night cocktail hour, it was immediately obvious to me that I was 100% out of my league. The room was full of mostly women (some of them singing really awful karaoke), and I made a beeline for the bar. One of the first women I noticed was Kristin, which makes sense since she is tall, irritatingly luminous, and not nearly as awkward as she claims to be. I have been reading her blog for years now, and though her life is much different than mine, she and I are similar in many ways. Sean and I went on vacation in Tofino, BC, because she blogged about it, and it seemed so incredible that I had to see it for myself. And she was right.

Since Kristin was working the event, I turned her loose to schmooze and socialize, and proceeded to introduce myself to the hilarious and lovely Bossy, and located Amy of Amalah (with angelic Ezra in tow). Just as I needed to leave, in walks Linda and I pretty much ran her down, poor woman. Like Kristin, she is a refreshing source of inspiration to me. I had to meet her and tell her how much she means to me, so I did. Hopefully she didn't think I was too bizarre - I'm sure she got a lot of warm fuzz from strangers that weekend...

As for me, I got what I needed from my short time in the BlogHer-sphere - validation that the people I read online are living, breathing humans with bright smiles, and the strongest hearts, minds, and convictions. Maybe I'll see them again next year in New York - who knows?