Wednesday, August 08, 2012
Well THIS is a surprise, no? I honestly never thought I'd be back online, on this blog - I'd made a list of goals for 2012 and the eventual, deliberate demise of this journal was one of them. I guess it all just became too much to handle for awhile. Why, you ask? Well a lot of the reason is this:

Sean and I got engaged: March 2011
Married: October 2011
Bought a house (gut renovation! whee! we are so in over our heads!): April/May 2012 Left my long time job for a new one: mid-late May 2012
Discovered that I was pregnant: mid-May 2012

 So...yeah...writing on my blog sort of fell by the wayside. The last year and a half have been so full of blessings, I just didn't want or need to write.  There are only so many outlets a girl can handle, am I right?  Until I tweeted last night about some pregnancy-related heartburn, it honestly never even occurred to me that people were still paying attention after all this time. Dysfunction Junction and Lawyerish DM'ed me back on Twitter with their surprised congratulations...thanks, ladies!

I won't apologize for my absence, as I feel it was warranted given the developments in my "real" life, but I can promise that I'll make a more concerted effort to write. I always enjoyed it (and continue to enjoy it) but never made it a priority. That changes now. Not sure where I'm headed on this journey, but I'm grateful to have you all along for the ride.

Take care, all, and thanks for the love!

But I Listen to it Anyway, Dammit
Friday, February 25, 2011
Why can't I hear the song "Straight from the Heart" by Bryan Adams without bursting into tears?

A Touch of Grey Kind of Suits You Anyway
Sunday, February 20, 2011
Yeah, wow. Did everyone have a good Halloween? Gah.

I would apologize for my absence, but I think it would somewhat presumptuous to do so, given that my readership in 2010 wouldn't really suffer from my extended absence. Heh. But I will say that everything is fine - I am still in good health, reading other blogs as actively as before, and marveling at all of these people that make the time to keep up with the online life chronicle thing. Seriously...who has the time for stuff like search engine optimization, deep statistical dives into site traffic, and staying on top of online trends? That is not now, nor has it ever been, my interest in writing here. Last time I checked, I had time enough for just 1 job, and that would be the one that PAYS ME, the corporate job I keep so carefully anonymous here.

Time. Ahh, time. There has been a dearth of that lately. Also? Inspiration to write...where did mine go? But as they say, to cure writers block, one must just make the effort to sit down and write, with perhaps a disregard for the quality of what is produced. But you don't come here for quality, so I will take my own advice ands just write something. ANYTHING.

Did you know that I am not really a Starbucks person? I don't understand the appeal of paying 4 dollars for coffee that tastes like tar, filtered through someone's used underwear? Maybe my palate isn't refined enough to truly appreciate it, whatever. I patronize Starbucks approximately 3 times a year. Mostly for peppermint mochas and oatmeal. Draw your own conclusions. I will tell you that I am sitting in a Starbucks rightthisverymoment, drinking a green tea, and loving the rain outside. The fact that I am writing this post WHILE at Starbucks, however, well let's just chalk that up against my "total cliche" allowance for 2011.

Hope you have all been well, that you had memorable holidays, and thank you for visiting, as always.

Saturday, October 30, 2010
I shall make my weekly "triumphant" (aka lazy) return to blogging with another round of Product Picks-n-Pans.

Josie Maran Argan Oil

Honestly? This stuff does all the things it promises and more. Do I remember to whip it out when I need a cuticle softener? NO. Do I think of it when dealing with split ends and flyaways? NOPE. It's a fabulous product, it's natural, and it's good for your skin. But if you can't remember you have it when you need it, what's the point? I don't know, but I know that I love it. PICK

PocketBac Deep Cleansing Hand Gel

I am getting older. It's true. We all are, if you think about it, so when my mom put this in my Christmas stocking, I was inappropriately excited to get it. Not because I think antibacterial products are exciting, but because it's unscented - and it's from Bath & Body Works. Allow me to pause while you wrap your brain around that combination. Yes, it might be the ONLY thing in the entire BBW product line that doesn't stink to high heaven. And while I once loved BBW more than I am comfortable admitting on this website, those days are pretty much over. This product goes on and works quickly - no stink, no stickiness, no nonsense. PICK

Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

This stuff is amazing on blemishes. Tea Tree Oil is one of nature's most effective astringents - and without sounding like an obnoxious hippie, I appreciate the Body Shop's policies on community and fair trade products. I dab this onto any blemishes with a cotton swab, go to bed, and wake up to clearer skin. Word of warning: Tea Tree Oil has an unpleasant odor - it's very sharp and a bit sour. It fades, but MAN can that be a romance killer. I'm just sayin. Despite the stench? PICK